Why Anchored Focus?

In today’s information-saturated world, the need for acquiring strong time and attention-management skills has never been greater. Working with both individuals and groups, Anchored Focus develops foundational skills and attitudes for personal management – leading to life-changing productivity and accomplishment.

Defeat Distraction

The ability to focus is under siege. Learn to recognize sources of distraction and how today’s digital environment competes with an unfair advantage for the attention of our eyes, ears, and hands. Taking control of our attention requires strong skills and supportive tools.

Increase Productivity

Surprise! Productive people do things differently. They prioritize themselves and take control of their own time. Join their ranks with Anchored Focus’ accountable coaching and training.

Achieve Success

Establishing an efficient environment, as a student or a team member, paves the way for high achievement and outstanding results.


Anchored Focus develops life-changing commitment and strategies to achieve personal productivity and success.


  • College Prep – Make the transition to college-level work smoother with an intensive, just-in-time workshop providing hands-on exploration of tools and tips for successful college work.  Includes a follow-up private coaching session to track progress during the student’s first months at college.
  • Training and Facilitation – Dynamic instruction and team building on core personal and professional skills, enabling better working relationships, greater productivity, and long-term success in the workplace.
  • Coaching – Individualized coaching establishes the link between life’s dreams and daily practices. Learning how to create goals, make good decisions, direct behaviors, and steer toward productive ends.  One-on-one sessions provide access to tools and resources to maintain focus, attention, and productivity in high school, college, and life.

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Anne Marie Kupferer, Ph.D.

Anchored Focus’ founder and principal staff is Anne Marie Kupferer, Ph.D., an innovative educator with more than 20 years’ experience engaging learners of diverse backgrounds: Fortune 500 employees, graduate students, high schoolers, and community groups. Her passion for constructing participant-centered learning experiences is informed by a deep study of human development and change theory. Recognizing the limitations of traditional educational methods for developing strong time and attention management practices, Anne Marie set about creating a new approach promoting awareness and accountability.

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