I came into college having trouble planning and organizing. It came down to not getting stuff done. Coaching helped me fix those problems by providing tools and strategies to deal with them. I started seeing the big picture, not just looking a day ahead, and that alleviated a lot of stress and let me do quality work. Coaching, having someone check in with you, give you tips, is very useful. This semester I only missed one class, turned in all my assignments, and significantly improved my G.P.A. Honestly, from where I was last semester, I’ve done a 180. My confidence has grown as I succeeded, I’m happier and I feel like I’ve realized my potential.

-From a current college student


Anne Marie is a fantastic resource for college kids who are struggling with the challenges of the rigors and workload of college. She helped my son strengthen his executive function and planning skills which turned around his performance. Both his grades and his satisfaction with school soared, and he became a happier person. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

-From a parent of a college student


I signed up with Anchored Focus in hopes of improving myself in both business and life. Beforehand, I felt unorganized and scattered. Working with Anchored Focus, gave me the tools to plan and work through projects effectively, to set effective goals, and to reach those goals. Using these tools, I prepared for a business showcase which helped increase my bookings by 50%. Working with Anne Marie and Anchored Focus has been a rewarding experience.

– From a professional client


Just wanted to let you know what a positive impact you have had on Sam and how much you have helped his transition to college. He has really appreciated the follow up appointments and FaceTime consults. We really appreciate your interest in helping Sam succeed.
-From a parent of a new college student