Today’s incessantly-connected world exacts a high price on the human mind and its ability to focus, remember, and think. Distraction thrives within the confluence of the drive for new and novel data and a digital environment specifically-designed to offer up larger and larger quantities of information in more and more appealing packages. Constantly interrupted, there’s difficulty staying on task, thinking deeply, producing quality work, and meeting long-term goals. The resulting stress, inefficient multitasking, increased apathy, and eventual burnout saps morale and productivity in both personal and professional lives. Facing up to the threat posed by distracted minds requires learning proactive tactics for setting boundaries and maintaining focus, establishing productivity-centered norms, and establishing an environment supportive of the best time and attention management practices.


Anchored Focus’ coaching and training programs start with assessing the current level of distraction and developing an awareness of how distraction is impacting our minds and work. With this understanding, participants then move on to learning and building skills to better manage their time and attention. Contact Anchored Focus today to begin the fight against distraction!