Very few of us operate in a vacuum and often success requires shaping our environments as well as ourselves. If the environment doesn’t support solid time management practices, even the most organized and motivated student or team member will be brought down by the collective weight of poor productivity norms.

For students this means taking control of the study environment (both physically and virtually) and establishing expectations for availability and priorities. This can be especially challenging for young people just beginning to assert themselves and build independent identities.

In the workplace, the most common complaints center on poorly-run meetings, exasperating e-mail etiquette and incessant interruptions.  Each of these poor practices can add hours of wasted time each week to team members and it is easy to see how the costs add up quickly. Efficient teams have established strong norms for operating cooperatively and respecting each individual team member’s needs for time and space to get their work done.

Establishing ownership of your time or resetting a team’s norms requires building awareness of best practices and commitment to maintaining a productive environment.  Anchored Focus uses a highly-successful approach to leverage active learning in discovering and developing new commitments for working effectively, individually or together.